Devotional musician SiriOm Singh grew up in the African American community of Philadelphia, PA, listening to jazz and singing in church and gospel choirs, where he developed his extraordinary vocal range, and love for negro spirituals, R@B and soul.

Falling in love with the practice of kundalini yoga and meditation , SiriOm rediscovered his spirituality, and as he immersed himself in the yogic life style he found himself returning to his musical roots. Chanting mantras as part of his yoga practice quickly evolved into composing his own music, drawing on the various musical influences in his background.

Yogic thinking sees all living things as one. SiriOm’s music combines mantras from many traditions with church hymns, spirituals, sacred texts and original lyrics with music that is inspired by Jazz, Gospel, Reggae and Folk. It reflects his deep respect for all spiritual and religious practices, and honors them all as different paths to celebrate peace and the human spirit. His original lyrics reflect his commitment to peace and social justice.

SiriOm sees his contribution to the world in the form of music that provides the listener with an experience of happiness, love, and unity with humanity and with the divine.

SiriOm’s music albums Travel The Light and Guru Dev enjoy success in the USA and abroad.

SiriOm Singh draws on his skill as a kundalini yoga teacher and musician to create unique workshops that focus on initiating the self, opening up the heart, creating communication and accessing the power of the Universe. Find out about SiriOm’s yoga and music workshops

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