Behind the HOBO scene



The CD release party was amazing


We played Hobo, the title song, and many other selections from the album.

Our recording engineer, Hosey, enjoys the music. We think this is a good sign

cropped DSCN1201

After The recording, we spend some time listening to our work.
Each song gets recorded a couple of times.


Recording at the studio is 25% preparing, hooking up the equipment and checking the sound

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One of the HOBO’s tracks will be an improvisation. It may sound something like this

We start recording on Saturday July 27th
Sneak preview

Todd Siezeniss and his congas joined the HOBOs. This was his audition… and he did very well

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It takes a lot of practice to create good sound, but it is very rewarding to have people get up and dance when you play


We usually start the rehearsal with an improvisation

Spencer Blevins joined the HOBOs. This opens up many new sound possibilities.
Here rehearsing with Sam and Spence

siriom with sam and spence

We take breaks during a rehearsal to have dinner.
Ayala’s Kitchen is the official caterer of the HOBO project.
Want to join us for dinner and rehearsal? Find out how


Rehearsing with Sam, Jeff and John Stein

rehearsal 5.6.13