Meet The HOBOs

SiriOm is joined by a group of talented musicians who share his vision
samuel haines
          Sam Haines   bass, bass guitar, cello
Sam is an amazing string instrumentalist, sound engineer and holistic practitioner. He gives us the base sound and the grounding energy needed for this project. Besides playing bass and cello Sam was very helpful in the process of recording and mixing. He recorded GuruGanesha’s track on One Day
jeff donnelly
    Jeff Donnelly   harmonica
Jeff’s soulful harmonica gives HOBO that bluesy favor. His keen photographer’s eye helps us stay in the right direction
 spence 1
          Spencer Blevins   guitar
Spence is a music teacher at D-Town Guitars & Skateboards and at Spirit Wind Music Studios,  and guitar operator at House Jawn. Among many other instruments, Spence plays a magical guitar, and an even more majical sitar, which you can hear on The Source. We love his unique sound on HOBO
Todd Zieseniss   congas
When not playing with the five (last count) bands he is a member of, Todd deals with historic musical instruments. That may explain the huge range of his musical ability.
Many of our friends are joining HOBO for guest appearances.
GuruGanesha Singh Khalsa
GuruGanesha is well known to all devotional music afficionados. A good friend, mentor and strong supporter, GuruGanesha will add his guitar to the song One Day, which he has loved since he first heard it.
dillon 2
Dillon Haas
Dillon’s official day job is as a music teacher in rural Mississippi where he also teaches anything from growing sustainable crops to organizing chess and science clubs. In the rest of his time he plays beautiful music, as you can hear on Your Tears, where Dillon’s piano takes you for a ride
Autin and Theo
Autin Wright and Theo Thwing   backup vocals
Autin and Theo played with SiriOm for a few years as SiriOm Singh and Anahat. Both of them participated in GuruDev. We are fortunate to have them join the HOBOs on the song One Day, which they sang with SiriOm on many occasions. They are featured also on Take Me Back, and you can hear Autin’s extraordinary deep voice on Your Tears
John Beacher
John Beacher  backup vocals
John describes himself as an adamant singer songwriter, community keystone, and hope enthusiast, which made him an ideal addition to the HOBOs. His busy recording and performing schedule did not leave time for more invlovement with HOBO, and we are thankful for having his voice on One Day and Take Me Back
john stein
John Stein  backup vocals
Singer/songwriter, Guitar and harmonica player, John was a member of the HOBO tribe from the very beginning. When the demands of life pulled him in other directions he backed up from full participation, but agreed to add his voice to One Day and Take Me Back.
hobo - the hobettes

Marla Hanan, Marcie Schwartz and Aza Williams – The Hobettes
Marla, marcie and Aza came to the HOBOs concert  and sang along so beautifully, they were recruited immediately. They added their sweet voices to Long Time Way and Don’t Let The Sun 
Joe Hosey – recording engineer
Much more than a recording engineer, Joe put his musical talent to the task and helped us navigate through the process of recording and editing with commitment, skill and grace.