The SiriOm Experience

The music is soft, gentle and gorgeously rendered. The voices and music weave throughout each other, so the effect is that we feel blended in divine love. SiriOm Singh has a beautiful voice … When I listen to his CDs, I sing right along.      Gary Goldberg Radio Host and Producer “In the Spirit” WRPI-91.5fm, Troy NY

SiriOm’s music is absolutely filled with joy… His dedication to his spiritual growth can also be felt deeply in the incredible lyrics that he shares with us. Snatam Kaur, devotional musician



SiriOm had a magnificent, rich voice, that penetrates the heart. His strong stage presence creates a truly participatory chant experience. GuruGanesha Singh, devotional musician.



SiriOm Singh(‘s) … music is a beautifully unique mélange that is informed by many influences, and does credit to them all. Suffice it to say, all hearts present were opened wide by the richly sonorous voice of SiriOm… with an insistent back beat and capable guitar accompaniment.     Jamey Reilly, The Philadelphia Society for Art, Literature & Music


Your musical message of love and inspiration has touched us all, and we know that the music and consciousness that you share enriched the entire planet     Rev. Dr Carol Lawson, Center For Conscious Living Moorestown, NJ

Om Shanti (is) a wonderful blend of the Hindu mantra and By The Riverside. They work perfectly together… and the effect is very natural and unforced. The song is working as a meditative prayer…(SiriOm has)a wonderful vocal sound and the delivery is very assured – great pitch Taxi, independent A&R magazine


My friends and I enjoy SiriOm’s music… It definitely spreads light… and it feels light and uplifting. We like to dance with it! … Very inspirational and motivational music!     Polina Sannino, Universum Musica

SiriOm Singh is a wonderful blend of pure spirit and honest singing coming straight from the heart.… I appreciate the mix of spiritual hymns coming from different faiths such as Sikhism, Buddhism and Christianity to celebrate the human spirit and the glory of God.     Annick Elziere, organizer “Festival de la Paix”

I was listening to your CD ‘Travel the Light’ … and was filled with love and joy.  Thanks for creating this gem.     Krishan Khalsa, music producer, Open Mind Creations


I enjoyed your set so very much that it’s one of those unforgettable music experiences. Harold Jacobs, organizer, Zichrona Folk Festival, Israel

Deeply beautiful, awesome, outstanding, rich, soulful, heartfelt, inspiring, original, authentic, full of character, great!     Akal Sahai Singh, president, Spirit Voyage Live Events




Musical Meditation
SiriOm Singh spreads a message of peace
and healing in a concert at Small World Coffee.
By Susan Van Dongen
Posted: Wednesday, October 17, 2007 2:27 PM EDT

There will be a mixture of mocha lattes and mantras when SiriOm Singh and Friends — percussionist Autin Wright and guitarist Theo Thwing — perform at Small World Coffee in Princeton Oct. 20.
When Mr. Singh incorporated singing and vocalizing into his kundalini yoga classes, students noted how lovely his voice was and how healing the process of vocalizing can be, on a mental, physical and spiritual level. Like kirtan chanting — chanting sound syllables, often in Sanskrit — Mr. Singh’s songs mixed with mantras are a form of meditation for himself as well as the listeners. Read more

SiriOm Singh’s … songs inspire happiness, joy and peace. The music and melodic voice of SiriOm Singh touches the heart and soul of anyone… The rhythmic sounds allow your spirit to joyfully soar whether completing mundane and routine daily chores or relaxing with your favorite cup of tea. Everytime I listen to Travel The Light, I discover something new and exciting in the music.     Yvette Taylor-Hachoose, yoga teacher, Yarley, PA


SiriOm … took us on a trip to the magical chants of India, and then on an inward trip to the wonderful rhythms of our body.     Dhyan Or, All Nations Café, Jerusalem, Israel


The music penetrated me and uplifted me. It is inspirational in a way which is deeper than many others I have encountered…. You rock!     David Stone, Princeton, NJ



Travel the Light with SiriOm Singh
By Nicola Manasseh

One of the first things that spiritual teacher and Kundalini Yoga instructor, SiriOm Singh, asked us to do in a workshop, was to clap for ourselves. With a wry smile, he said that our clap for ourselves was ‘tentative.’ Then, the thirty of us, clapped for each other. Such a simple act produced feelings of joy, happiness and unity. Read more

We love your beautiful spirit and how it shines through your music.      Lynn Margileth, NYC


We were moved by the great heart coming through in SiriOm’s chanting. Devotion and energy come together on this magical CD (Guru Dev).      Ned Leavitt, devotional musician, NYC

Upon playing … (Om Mani Padme Hum) I was totally elevated to a place of exultation… It is of excellent musical quality and a version of a popular mantra that is worth having.     E.G.N. Payg-Williams Lancashire, England