Trenton is a state of mind for Siri Om Singh

January 2003
Trenton is a state of mind for Siri Om Singh
By Joe Emanski

When Siri Om Singh first encountered yoga, he was exploring its usefulness as a component of his professional work as an occupational therapist. He and his wife, Ayela Shimelman, had a business together, offering alternative therapies, and he wanted to see if it was something worth adding to their repertoire.

Today Siri Om teaches yoga, as well as art, in Trenton and the surrounding area, and like many who practice yoga, he describes it in a serene and even voice.

“The goal of all yogas is to help the individual discover who he or she is,” says Siri Om. “The self-discipline of that practice is to be able to be happy with who you are and where you are at any given moment in your life, not be drawn or ruled by what’s outside of you.”
As he became more familiar with yoga, it became a spiritual practice. Talk to Siri Om or Ayela for just a few minutes, and you’ll probably be ready to try yoga.
“The only way I discovered for me to feel complete and happy and healthy is to understand who I am and what that war is all about within myself,” says Siri Om. “Yoga helps me to diminish the chaos and anxiety that permeate my entire being.”

The yoga that Siri Om teaches is known as kundalini yoga. Like there are different martial arts, there are different forms of yoga. Kundalini was the first yoga he and Ayela came in contact with, at a retreat they saw advertised in a flyer.

There are four paths of yoga: the mantra, the breath, meditation and the postures.

“All yogas follow the four paths, but kundalini is unique in that it encompasses the four practices in the learning of it. In other yogas the paths are practiced separately,” says Ayela. “The purpose of all yoga is to bring the kundalini energy from the lower part of the body to the higher part of the body.”

You can take yoga with Siri Om at several locations. Tuesday mornings he can be found at the Meditation Institute in Yardley, Pa., teaching a 4 a.m. class, a 7 a.m. class, and an 8 a.m. meditation class. From 7:30 to 8:45 p.m., he teaches a class in his home. He also offers training Fridays from 7 to 8:30 a.m. at Conduit. Classes are on-going, meaning that they are open to new members all the time.

Siri Om and Ayela have plans to start offering classes for those who want individual training and for groups and corporate classes.
That’s not all, of course. Siri Om is an accomplished artist whose works have been on display at Ellarslie, the Trenton City Museum, three times. His works have also been displayed at Artworks, the N.J. State Museum and the Urban Word Café.

“I love to draw, I love to create, I love to share. I personally feel that everyone has the ability to create. Everyone doesn’t have the ability to become a great artist, but that shouldn’t exclude people from experiencing creating something from their heart and soul and having fun with it,” he says.