The Yoga Experience

Absolutely beautiful and well structured introduction into a good way of living. Genevueve , Philadelphia PA on Falling Into love


I never thought I could communicate without words, and get my point across so clearly. Dana, Princeton NJ on The Yoga of Drumming (Soul Rhythm)




Accidental yoga: it can happen to you
November 2003
By Melissa Borotto

Yoga is not just for women, skinny people, the physically fit, mental meditation giants, or for the extremely healthy. Yoga is for everyone and is limited to no one, according to yogi Siri Om Singh.

The misconceptions about Yoga are all true and at the same time they are all false. It is difficult to believe that you might enjoy yoga when you are flipping the channel at home and come across some hokey yoga person as skinny as can be who is talking with a super corny voice that is supposed to be serene. She also happens to be in a head to toe spandex unitard in front of some exotic beach with weird Polynesian elevator music in the background. The thought enters your mind, “Yeah right, like I would ever be caught doing yoga like this whack job.” read more

Heavenly Jerusalem: Impressions from Jerusalem Day with SiriOm at Ein Haniya

Wednesday the 16th of May was celebrated in West Jerusalem as “Jerusalem Day” the day the city had been united 40 years ago. We at the All Nations Cafe have chosen to have our weekly gathering on this day, with our Palestinian-Israeli family and a special guest friend from New Jersey, SiriOm Singh. Our open cafe in Ein Haniya is right on the border between Israel and Palestine, a place that has remained a frontier even 40 years after the city had supposedly been united.  read more…

I felt like we could all connect, I could talk to everyone, Jew, Arab, Israeli soldier – I love all of you. Hassan, Jerusalem, Israel. on The Yoga of Drumming (Soul Rhythm)



This was soooo much fun!  I never knew I had rhythm! Cathy, Provincetown, MA on The Yoga of Drumming (Soul Rhythm)






Travel the Light with SiriOm Singh
By Nicola Manasseh

One of the first things that spiritual teacher and Kundalini Yoga instructor, SiriOm Singh, asked us to do in a workshop, was to clap for ourselves. With a wry smile, he said that our clap for ourselves was ‘tentative.’ Then, the thirty of us, clapped for each other. Such a simple act produced feelings of joy, happiness and unity. Read more

It was a hands – on experience with the right balance of intellect, spirit and practice. The experience surpassed the ability to express it. Frank, Philadelphia, PA on Falling Into love


I wasn’t sure exactly what the workshop was gonna be but I felt capable of singing like I was a kid again. Teresa, Philadelphia, PA on Falling Into love






January 2003
Trenton is a state of mind for Siri Om Singh
By Joe Emanski

When Siri Om Singh first encountered yoga, he was exploring its usefulness as a component of his professional work as an occupational therapist. He and his wife, Ayala Shimelman, had a business together, offering alternative therapies, and he wanted to see if it was something worth adding to their repertoire.

Today Siri Om teaches yoga, as well as art, in Trenton and the surrounding area, and like many who practice yoga, he describes it in a serene and even voice. read more